Attorneys Admission Examination

Conveyancing Examination

Notarial Practice Examination

If you require assistance, please contact the Examinations' Officer at

Past Exam Papers

Past examination papers and suggested solutions are only available from the Law Society of South Africa. Legal Education and Development.

School for Legal Practice

Candidates are not permitted to contact or correspond with the Examiners regarding the Examinations or the results of the Examinations. Queries are to be submitted to the Law Society.

Under no circumstances will scripts be reviewed by Candidates.


Results will be conveyed by email or sms, published on our website and notifications posted on our Twitter and Facebook timelines.

Results will not be given nor discussed telephonically.

Applying for Re-mark of Paper/s

Re-marks must be requested within one week of the release of the results.

Every candidate who applies for a re-mark of any of the Papers will be required to pay a fee which is twice the amount determined on the Application Form for the original Exam ; in the event of the Candidate receiving a pass mark as a result of the re-mark, the fee shall be refunded in full.

Candidates should send an email to including their Exam number, which Paper/s should be re-marked and proof of payment of the fee referred to in the previous paragraph.

Candidates will be notified by email once the results of the re-mark/s are available.

Oral Exams

Candidates who are eligible for an oral exam will be notified by email once the relevant timetable is available.

Candidates should ensure that they present themselves on the appointed date and time for the examination/s. The exams are arranged on a strict schedule. Should a Candidate decide not to take the oral exam, the Law Society should be notified by email well in advance.

Proficiency Certificates

Certificates may be expected about one month after the release of the final results. Candidates will be notified by email when the Certificates become available.

Certificates will be sent to the postal address provided on the Application Form to write the exam. Should the address change or the Candidate prefer to have the Certificate/s collected from the Law Society's office, an email should be sent to requesting the amendment to our records. Should the Candidate choose to have the Certificate/s collected by courier, it is up to the Candidate to make the arrangements for the courier's service and to notify the Law Society.

Candidates who have been notified by email that the Certificate has been posted but the document has not arrived, need to notify the Law Society within one month of the date of the email so that a duplicate Certificate can be prepared. Requests made later than one month after the dispatch of the Certificates need to be accompanied by proof of payment of R230.00 as the fee for the re-issuing of a Certificate. This fee also applies to the re-issue of Certificates that have been misplaced.

Updated 12 April 2018

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