Privacy Policy

KwaZulu-Natal Law Society: Privacy Policy

The Society maintains a secured real-time database of relevant information about its members in order to enhance its functions on their behalf.

This database is securely stored offline and is not accessible from any internet or other external connection or by any unauthorized person.

Access is determined and controlled, including logging of access, by the Director in consultation with the Council of the KwaZulu-Natal Law Society when necessary.

The Society provides a separate, derived database consisting of basic contact details for attorneys is stored on First Technology’s server where this site is hosted.

This is the source of information accessed by visitors to the Society's web sites using the Find a Lawyer feature or those using SMS cellular access to this feature.

It is updated directly as necessary by the Society's authorised information personnel and only they can access and maintain this derived database file.

The Society does and will not sell, rent or distribute any part or the whole of any of its databases or any derived files to anyone for commercial purposes. All information that members submit at any time directly to the Society or through its sites or other communication channels will remain confidential.

The Society's web sites are generously hosted free on the First Technology web server in terms of a specially negotiated hosting agreement.

The Society has complete editorial freedom and directly controls the maintenance and content of its web sites at all times without any intervention by First Technology.

First Technology does not have any access to the Society's databases and other information about its members nor has it at any time asked for access to such information.

The Society does not try to obtain or store any information from any visitor's computer while its sites are visited, nor does it require, store or call for "cookies" to allow access to its sites or any of its s online services.

E-mail addresses and other personal information stored on your computer will under no circumstances be accessed on your computer by the Society’s web sites or any of its online services.

No web bugs, bots, hidden addresses or any form of tracking are contained on or driven by the sites which are intended to be freely accessible to all users at all times.

A confidential monthly report is provided to the Society indicating how many visits each web page receives and which domains are providing access to our web sites which is used to determine how the Society can improve its sites. The information is anonymised and the Society cannot, nor does it want to, determine details of any individual site visitor.

By looking at usage patterns, the Society determines which areas may benefit from expansion and which areas may not be meeting our members' and other users’ needs but it has no commercial interest in usage patterns nor does it share them with any other party..

The Society e-mails or delivers notices and other suitably relevant information to all members who have provided e-mail addresses or other relevant electronic addresses.

It also provides some specialized online services to subscribers who elect to receive these, such as the delivery of court rolls, but all subscriber lists are securely stored offline and are not, nor will be, sold, rented, made available in any way or distributed for any purpose to any individual or organization.

The Society is committed to protecting the privacy of its members and any member who is aware of or suspects any intrusion from another party arising from information that member believes the Society holds must advise the Director immediately .If any party wants to request access to information held by the Society, an application form and fee as prescribed in the Promotion of Access to Information Act should be delivered to the Information Officer for consideration .

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