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Attorneys Admission Examinations

  • You are required to submit a fully completed application form and declaration.
  • Enclose all required documents as set out in Part 4 of the application form, for example, letter from your principal or attendance report from your LEAD training course. You must also ensure that payment of the examination entry fee is made in full simultaneously with the submission of the application to enter the examination.

  • If you fail to comply in any way the Society will not accept that application form.You will be advised by SMS and/or e-mail in this case and must correct any deficiencies immediately.

  • On the examination day, you MUST bring some form of identification, preferably your South African identity document, as you will not be permitted to write any examination if you do not have satisfactory proof of identity.

  • Any enquiries about applications, payments and anything else must be e-mailed to .Your entry confirmation and the venue details will also be sent to you by e-mail.

  • All candidates will be automatically advised of their results by SMS and no telephone calls in connection with results will be accepted. Results will also be available on the web site for a week afterwards.

  • Application form 2018 - posted 10 April 2018
    Syllabus 2018 - posted 7 December 2017

    Exam dates 2018 :

    14 and 15 August 2018
    Closing date for registration : 23 July 2018

    Exam results :

    February 2018


    Oral results


    Paper 1

    Paper 2

    Paper 3

    Paper 4

    Oral results

    Paper 1 - posted 7 May 2018

    Paper 2 - posted 25 April 2018

    Paper 3 - posted 14 May 2018

    Paper 4 - posted 7 May 2018

    See p.4 of the application form for information on applying for a re-mark

    Archived exam results

    Fees - Refer to GNR 841/GG 32494/14-08-2009

    Extracts from relevant Acts and regulations for examination candidates

    Updated 14 May 2018

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