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The Probono Rule 25 was adopted a mandatory rule for members to comply with.

Pro Bono services are defined as the delivery of legal advice, opinion or assistance in matters within the professional competence of a member to facilitate access to justice. Rule 25 is primarily designed to address the needs of persons of limited means/ indigent individuals or of non-profit/non-governmental organisations where the payment of legal fees will deplete the organisation’s economic resources and affect their ability to carry out their charitable or public interest work.

All practising members who are less than 40 years and who are less than 60 years of age are asked to perform Probono work of 24 hours per calendar year as per rule 25.2.

A firm of attorneys with more than one member shall comply with this requirement if such firm executes Pro Bono work which will cumulatively be equal to the number of members multiplied by 24 hours per member, notwithstanding the fact that only one or more of the members in the firm execute Pro Bono work.

Certain services, when performed by members at no charge for those who cannot afford to pay, can be recognised as Pro Bono services if delivered in compliance with the provisions of Rule 25 and the means test as applied by the KZN Law Society. See the link below for a list of the non-exclusive services. Please note that it is a member’s responsibility to contact the Pro Bono Coordinator of the KZN Law Society and to apply for services to be approved as Pro Bono work. Members are required to submit sworn reports to the Probono co-ordinator on a quarterly basis. The website will be updated quarterly to reflect the outstanding hours. It must be borne in mind that it is the responsibility of the member to ensure that the Society’s records correctly reflects their hours as per rule 25.11.

The KZN Law Society keeps a record of services delivered by each member, which record shall be compiled from member’s annual reports, which should provide full particulars of Pro Bono services delivered. It is the member’s responsibility to submit these reports in accordance with Rule 25.

Please contact the Pro Bono Administrator on Telephone: 033 345 1304 or E-mail

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